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Awesome Boston Launch!

Debi Kleiman

Boston Just Got More Awesome

By Debi Kleiman | MITX

It was a cold, clear, winter day, only a year ago when the seed was planted.

Awesome Boston

A dedicated group of Boston-based community leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, academics and government leaders gathered together at the 2012 World Class Cities Partnership Chatham Forum to think about how to make Greater Boston a better place to live and work, with an eye on innovation and futuristic thinking.

A recurring theme – our Innovation Economy has a PR problem.

There is no Boston story that we all know, that defines us – that tells the world about what makes our scene unique. Perhaps it’s just plain old New England modesty, but it’s holding us back from greatness. We are terrible marketers of Greater Boston’s tech scene. We need to shout loud and proud about our successes, inventions and achievements. In doing so, we will attract more talent to our companies and drive more innovation. This kind of Boston branding will translate into so many other good things for our community.

So today, a small group from that winter offsite a year ago, now loosely organized as the Mass Action unCommittee, is beta launching what we think is at least part of a solution.

awesome-boston_1 was created to be a place where we could showcase our success stories and dynamic innovation leaders. But we didn’t want to stop there; we wanted to find a way to get these stories and people in front of our #1 asset – the students that call Boston home for four years. If they can meet these folks and hear their stories firsthand, then these students will start to see their own Boston success story and choose to start their careers here.

Awesome Boston Launch from peter andrews // collaboratorium on Vimeo. has two parts to fill this need: the Speakers Bureau and the Content Hub. For the Speakers Bureau, we wanted to make our innovation leaders accessible to students. We offer students an easy way to bring local CEOs and exciting entrepreneurs on-campus for business club and interest group events.

The first set of CEOs volunteered without hesitation when we told them the goal. Through the Speakers Bureau, students can invite a leader to campus and create a connection between their on-campus world and our innovation scene. This is a great first step to helping these students find a business network in Boston. As we all know, once you have a network, it’s very hard to leave.

The second part is the Content Hub. There is so much fantastic content created by the many organizations that hold events and meet-ups, with blogs and videos about our home-grown success stories and entrepreneurs. We wanted to aggregate this content, regardless of source, so that it’s easy to see what makes Boston’s innovation scene so very awesome. We have some terrific content already from our partners, but we’d welcome more. Let us know if you’ve got something that fits with the awesomeness at, as we’d love to include it.

This site is really just one way to meet the goal of shouting louder and prouder, building brand Boston. Relentless storytelling is the answer. We all should be talking more about Boston, why it is a character in all our success stories and why what we have here is so special. Let’s not keep it a secret anymore. We can make it even more Awesome!

Got ideas for – please let us know by visiting the site. Got comments about why your Boston is awesome? Share them in the section below.

Debi Kleiman - Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange

Debi Kleiman – MITX

Debi Kleiman is President of MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange); you can reach her on Twitter @drkleiman.

The Mass Action unCommittee includes:

Peter Andrews (Design and Dev for, Devin Cole, Danielle Duplin, Helena Fruscio, Paul Hlatky, Tito Jackson, Mike Lake, Yoon Lee, Chad O’Connor, Lisa Reilly, Jaime Reynolds, Erica Rife, Ian Sample, Nancy Saucier, and C.A. Webb.


ABOUT AWESOME BOSTON is the destination for success stories in Greater Boston.

Whether it is startups with huge ideas, large companies grown from humble roots, nonprofits making society thrive, thought leaders in academia, or government officials and investors connecting people to vital resources, each of these key pieces of the Boston ecosystem should be better known to each other and to the public. 

Born out of ideas discussed at the Urban Excellence unConference in February 2012, was created by a group of dedicated business, academic, government and non-profit leaders committed to improving Massachusetts, the Mass Action unCommittee.

The purpose of is twofold:

1. In an effort to better define Boston’s “story,” the site provides a platform where Boston-area business success stories are told and promoted.

2. serves as a portal for college and university student groups to gain access to successful Boston-based leaders who have volunteered to speak at on-campus events in an effort to further share and promote the success that can be had by launching and growing a business in Massachusetts. makes sure these success stories reach a broader audience so that they can inspire more people to choose Boston for its unparalleled access to opportunity.

unCommittee Members:


Awesome Boston is a newly launched program that brings the collective “story” of Boston’s innovation economy to the the world around us, showcasing the game-changing business and vibrant start-up culture that drives this great city.
Launched as a collaboration of prominent civic groups and leading citizens, the portal seeks to engage and inform people around the world about Boston’s unparalleled economic opportunity.
The Awesome Boston initiative takes this message further by bringing successful local C-level execs to our local college campuses to discuss how the Greater Boston ecosystem was an integral part of their success and why it was, and is, a great place to live, work and play after college.
NewEngland RealEstateJournal

2012 MITX Innovation Awards Winners Announced


Celebration of New England’s Impressive Innovation Advancements


The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX), the premier organization representing the digital marketing, media and internet technology community, has unveiled the winners of its MITX Innovation Awards.

This ceremony is one of the largest in the region recognizing the innovations powering the future of marketing, and revolutionizing the way we work and play.

Winners were announced at the ceremony in 13 general categories, “Best of Show for Innovative Business,” the PwC Promise Award, and People’s Choice Awards for Class President & Vice President for the model class of 2011, at a sold out ceremony held on June 12th at the Westin Copley Place.

The program, held at the Westin Copley Place, was attended by more than 400 industry professionals.

“The organizations we’re honoring this year are among the best and brightest powering Boston’s innovation economy,” said Debi Kleiman, president of MITX. “They put Massachusetts on the map in a way that our whole community can be proud of, and MITX is thrilled to bring together such an inspiring group.”

The 2012 MITX Innovation Awards Winners Circle:

        Best Bootstrapped Start-Up                                                         Temperature@lert
        Best Business Operations Simplifier                                                aPriori Inc.
        Best Commerce Transformer/Game Changer                                             Catalina Marketing
        Best Consumer Tech that Makes Life Easier                                          True Fit
        Best Contribution to Innovation by a University/College                            Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club & IDEA
        Best Customer Engagement Driver                                                    WordStream, Inc.
        Best "Doing Good" Innovation  Temperature@lert
        Best Mobile App                                                                    Springpad
        Best Mobile Solution                                                               SCVNGR, Inc
        Best Use of Game Mechanics                                                         Practically Green
        Best User Experience                                                               Brass Monkey
        Best Wellness Innovation                                                 
        Most Insightful: Analytics/ Business Intelligence                                  True Fit
        Best of Show                                                                       SavingStar
        PwC Promise Award                                                                  Crashlytics
        PwC Promise Award                                                                  Evertrue
        Investor of the Year                                                               CommonAngels
        People's Choice - Class of 2011 President                                          CardStar
        People's Choice - Class of 2011 Vice President                                     Modiv Media, now Catalina Marketing

Innovation Hall of Fame Inductee: Bill Warner

The 2012 MITX Innovation Awards couldn’t happen without the help of these amazing sponsors. Platinum Sponsors: PwC, TripAdvisor. Event Sponsors: Atom Group, Cassidy Turley FHO, DLA Piper. Media Sponsor: BostInno. Creative Partners: massAV, Metropolis Creative.

For more information about the Innovation Awards, please visit .

About MITX

Established in 1996, MITX — the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange — is the leading industry organization focused on the web and mobile, bringing together the digital marketing, media and technology community to engage in what’s next and how it will impact the marketing and business worlds. Connecting more than 7,500 professionals in New England, MITX is a dynamic community of thought leaders and collaborators in search of insight, education and opportunity. Creator of FutureM, MITX is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit .

SOURCE: The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange

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