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Future Boston Alliance Picks 25 Businesses for Accelerator Program

Massachusetts Innovation - Boston Start Ups

The Future Boston Alliance accelerator program starts August 11th, and runs once a week for six months.

Article Source:  Accelerator Gazette 

At the end of the program, one startup will receive a year of free office space at the headquarters of the clothing company Karmaloop in Back Bay, Boston.

They’ll also get $5,000 in cash.

 Massachusetts Innovation - Boston Start Ups

Create and Record:

Create & Record looks to become a premium multimedia production entity, creating and engaging in artistic and culturally innovative projects that stimulate the senses, demand attention, and bring a deeper meaning to the collective consciousness of humanity.

Kush Groove Clothing Company:

Kush Groove Clothing Company was established in 2011 as an expressions brand for city stoners.

City streets all over the world have seen the growth of the new age urban hippie: young, fresh, and dynamic.

The Kush Groove brand is a blend of style and culture, expressed through our fashion savvy.

At our core, we produce high-quality lifestyle products inspired by the four-twenty friendly movement.

So, Pick A Party:

So, Pick A Party offers a hyper-local nightlife guide for party goers.

We will be the first company to take advantage of affiliate ticket sales from Eventbrite and the growing small event industry.

For fans, we will provide a more personalized and social way to find events.

For event organizers, promoters, and venues, So, Pick A Party will offer a marketing platform that allows event organizers to promote their events and sell tickets, leveraging Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Little e Communications, LLC:

Little e Communications, LLC assists businesses and individuals in creative communities through organization, to maximize productivity and reach their goals.

Little e embraces the challenge of connecting left brain organizational structures and thinking with right brain creative energy and vision.

In partnership with clients, Little e creates strategies and structures plans to execute any idea, project, event or potential start-up.

Seven Halos LLC:

Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Smith, Seven Halos is the online destination for today’s fashion, art, and cultural trend-setters.

Seven Halos highlights those that continue to be creatively progressive, cutting edge, and looking to add to the cultural zeitgeist

art now! textiles:

At art now! textiles, we believe in art.

We believe in the transformative promise of art in communities, from murals on city walls to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to a handkerchief in your pocket.

We believe that art plants seeds of growth & change, which is why 5% of each piece sold goes to the local, independent artist who designed the graphic & another 5% goes to a local org doing good work.

Our first piece is a bike-themed handkerchief; Bikes Not Bombs will receive the 5% from sales.

Wealthy And Xcelling a.k.a WAX Clothing:

My business is a clothing line started by myself.

Everything is done by me, including the designs, the printing, and buying the shirts.

This idea has been brewing in my head for the past 2 years.

About 3 months ago I finally started to print my first shirts.

So far, I’ve printed 3 designs and sold 50 shirts total.

Wicked Peacock, LLC:

At Wicked Peacock, we seek to connect emerging and independent designers with people who value distinctive, hand-made, high-quality accessories.

Wicked Peacock wants to help designers by providing them with a platform to attract new customers and to widen their scope of distribution.

Lincoln Arts Project:

Lincoln Arts Project was founded on Waltham’s Moody Street in 2011 by Pat Falco & Elliott Anderson as a vehicle to promote young and emerging artists from the Boston Area.

The LAP Gallery is located on 2 floors; currently in the process of shifting from large group shows on both floors to smaller, more focused shows on each floor.

There are long-term permanent plans, including a zine library, artist studio spaces, a residency space, and a live wall for artists to paint on.

Dorchester’s Daughter Publishing:

Dorchester’s Daughter Publishing is a vendor for urban literature.

Founded in 2009, the company seeks to produce and publish novels, essays, memoirs, and poetry compilations that reflect a more prolific, conscious message.

We provide production assistance to writers from editing through publication and marketing.

Whole Citizen (working title):

Consult individuals to be holistic, proactive citizens in their communities.

[background: My life changed when I met my first mentor - someone who encouraged me to start envisioning my life's purpose. Now with 15 years of work and volunteering experience, two Master's degrees, and 35 countries later... I believe I am equipped to assist young individuals sharpen their vision and skills, in a personalized, one-on-one way].


When you are meeting up with a friend for lunch or dinner, what is the first thing you say?

Typically it goes like, “Where do you want to go?” “Umm I don’t care, any ideas?” This usually ends up with the people going to the same place as always.

UmmFood randomizes a group of restaurants and selects one.

With this random selection, a percent discount is given.

This leads people to try new restaurants and break routines.

Beyond Measure Productions:

Beyond Measure is a team of experienced and innovative multi-media professionals.

As a company, we strive to help our clients achieve their visions, through creativity, professionalism and communication.

Our seasoned video professionals and designers, deliver content that resonates with the target market/demographic that our clients seek to reach.

We take tremendous pride in our work, as we understand that our clients’ success goes hand and hand with our own.

Soul on Fire:

SOUL on FIRE aims to explore and expose ART through 5 Senses (music, dance, painting/multimedia art/sculpture, fashion, cuisine/wine) while improving overall public health and quality of life.

It creates arts events to promote these various artists and allow the public to enjoy, often improving their mood and general well-being.

Events are often fundraisers for worthy local or global non-profit causes and organizations.

Born Ready:

In today’s economy and unstable job market, people need to learn how to be in business for themselves — monetizing what they’re good at! Born Ready seeks to provide students with real world experience in the ‘creative space,’ offering them freelance, internship and job opportunities. Born Ready will teach kids how to ‘brand themselves’ and also how to create careers and lifestyles around the passions that drive them.

Repat Inc:

Repat creates fair wage jobs in the USA by upcycling excess textiles into fashionable and more functional clothing accessories. We partner with brands to turn their unsold inventory into an upcycled product that they can re-introduce to customers and give colleges a unique way to turn their excess into totes that can be distributed at events and to donors. All of our production is done in the USA — including NuPath, which employs people with disabilities in Woburn, MA.

b Positive Project:

The b Positive Project is a lifestyle brand born out of an apparel company.

Our goal is to inspire people to stay positive in light of adversity and also do good for others.

A portion of our work is dedicated to helping non-profits and the local community, both in terms of money and our actual work.

We hope that when people see the “b,” it will inspire to have a positive mindset in any situation.

Gallery Basquiat:

Gallery Basquiat is a collective of Boston artists that seeks to foster local economic development with a focus on artists as entrepreneurs and/or small businesses.

To that end, Gallery Basquiat provides selected local artists opportunities to exhibit, perform, rehearse, design, etc.

Pinckney Links:

We are a start-up bar & restaurant.

Frat Labs Inc.:

Think of us as a mobile for college students in realtime.

We want to provide a portal for student life and activity based on the interests of each individual student.

Our mobile app allows students to answer the 5 W’s (Who, What…) in a platform that is open for further student development using our open API.

With a focus on the student, campus events, academics and the greater campus community we’ll always help students find something to avoid their homework. Bring your campus to life.

Try Frat Labs.

Our Green Drive:

Our Green Drive is a startup organization that will place the first “All Green” food truck on Boston’s streets.

The truck will embody America’s dream of a green economy by utilizing alternative energy sources, creating green jobs for young people, and supporting local agriculture.

Outside The Box Agency:

Our agency services in brand management & event design.

We are currently managing campaigns for World of Dance ASIA, James Massone (The Voice), and Knock Out Anti-Bullying campaign.

GHouse Ltd:

We digitally distribute music/video, and book tours for artists.

Our application will serve as a hub of reliable information and content from the artists and labels we distribute across all platforms, while providing real-time social analytics to guide marketing in the right direction.

Velvet Collective:

The aim of Velvet Collective is to influence our surrounding culture and economy through means of good design.

We realized (and are backed by Richard Florida’s book “Rise of the Creative Class”) that places and areas of the greatest cultural and economic progression are places where the “creatives” are setting up shop and are doing a damn good job at that.

Velvet Collective, therefore, is looking to create businesses and initiatives that will spur different areas into a places where culture and economy can flourish.

Press Pass TV:

Press Pass TV is a social enterpise that teaches youth media production focused on advocacy journalism to tell the stories of communities working for change.

We believe that storytelling empowers people to find solutions to community issues and envision a better world.

Press Pass TV


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